Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Minor updates to the Seam-based user registration example ...

Based on feedback from the community, I made the following updates to the Seam example (nothing too major except verifying that the solution works with the latest RichFaces release)

  • Tested with RichFaces 3.3.1 GA -- works great!
  • Updated the GuestSupport class to use Seam's StatusMessages instead of working directly with FacesMessage(s).
  • Updated the registration form to use Seam's <s:decorate> tag and a Facelets template, which really simplified the form.
  • Moved the solution-specific text messages from i18n.properties into the Seam default messages.properties ... got tired of having two separate message bundles at work ...
  • Cleaned up a few JPA annotations to be more inline with the spec.
  • Localized the last few Hibernate Validator error messages that had hard-coded English text in them.
  • Created the Gender and ProfilePolicy enums used by the Preferences entity.

The updated source code is available here.

NOTE: If you want to upgrade to RichFaces 3.3.1, then you need to remove the version information from the JAR filenames:

richfaces-api-3.3.1.GA.jar rename to richfaces-api.jar
richfaces-impl-3.3.1.GA.jar rename to richfaces-impl.jar
richfaces-ui-3.3.1.GA.jar rename to richfaces-ui.jar


  1. Hi, first of all: great article, thanks! Has helped me a lot!

    Did you ever get the asynchoronous email sending working, you had some trouble with it but didn't go into details.. the solution would interest me a lot!

  2. hi, thanks for this article, increase my study about seam